How to remove odors from quick-frozen refrigerators?



After the installation of the cold storage, before it is put into use, due to the presence of certain mixed odors such as electrical welding odor and paint odor during pipeline installation, as well as the poor ventilation of the gas in the warehouse, these strong irritating odors remain in the warehouse, which not only affects the quality of the goods to be stored in the warehouse, but also affects the health of the workers entering the warehouse for operation by the manufacturer of the quick freezing machine.

1. Place some alcohol lamps (laboratory utensils) in the air-cooled warehouse according to the size of the warehouse, and put edible acetic acid into containers in the cold warehouse to heat and volatilize the alcohol lamp, which can also achieve the effect of removing odor and disinfection. PS: If an old cold storage that originally stored aquatic products and had a fishy odor is to be converted to another dedicated storage, the above method can also be used to remove the odor.

2. Use ozone to remove odors and disinfect. The effectiveness of ozone in removing odors depends on its concentration. The higher the concentration, the faster the oxidation reaction. Ps: not only suitable for empty quick frozen refrigerators, but also suitable for refrigerators filled with food. Note: As ozone is a strong oxidant, inhalation of ozone with high concentration over a long period of time is harmful to human health. Therefore, during ozone treatment, the operator should not stay in the warehouse, and should wait for 2 hours before entering.

Select some high-tech deodorant cleaners that utilize ammonia compounds to chemically react with harmful substances, thereby providing a deodorant and cleaning effect that can remove harmful gases emitted.

4. Use activated carbon for adsorption. Distribute an appropriate amount of activated carbon in the cold storage room, open the warehouse door for ventilation, and replace the activated carbon once a week. After two weeks, the odor can be basically eliminated.

5. Clean with detergent or clean water. After the installation and construction of the quick-frozen refrigerator, scrub the refrigerator with a detergent dampened with disinfection or other cleaning effects. Be careful not to use strong corrosive cleaning agents. If you are worried about the corrosive effects of the cleaning agent, you can scrub it with clean water, and then place pineapple peel in the refrigerator. This not only has the effect of absorbing odors, but also can make the taste in the warehouse fresh.