Reasons for replacing traditional quick-freezing equipment with fluidization quick-freezing equipment for fruits and vegetables



The emergence of fluidized quick freezers for fruits and vegetables has provided better processing methods for fruit and vegetable freezing, which has been widely welcomed in many large fruit and vegetable freezing enterprises, and has a trend to replace traditional fruit and vegetable freezing equipment. Fruit and vegetable fluidization quick freezers can not only be used for continuous production, but also be very simple and convenient for freezing various items. Here are three main reasons why fruit and vegetable fluidization quick freezers will replace traditional freezing equipment.

1. Fast cooling speed

Liquid nitrogen is used as the refrigerant in the fluidized quick freezing machine for fruits and vegetables. Liquid nitrogen is a kind of ultra-low temperature material, whose temperature can reach below - 100 ℃. Items can be completely frozen in a fluidization quick freezer for fruits and vegetables in only tens of minutes, while traditional refrigeration equipment often requires several hours to complete the freezing of items. Therefore, in terms of cooling speed, fluidization quick freezers for fruits and vegetables also outperform traditional refrigeration equipment.

2. Higher cost performance

Compared to traditional refrigeration equipment, fluidized quick freezers for fruits and vegetables not only have a smaller footprint and simpler structure, but also require less investment. After purchase and installation, only liquid nitrogen is required to achieve continuous operation. However, traditional refrigeration equipment is more sensitive to use, not only has a longer start-up time, but also requires a shutdown to remove frost on the evaporator every time it is used. Therefore, from the perspective of overall operating efficiency, it is obvious that the fruit and vegetable fluidization quick freezer has a higher cost performance ratio.

3. Good preservation effect

During fruit and vegetable freezing, due to its advantages of fast freezing speed, the frozen fruit and vegetable will not form large particles of ice crystals, and the cellular tissue of the frozen fruit and vegetable will not be damaged. In addition, it can determine the moisture content in the food and maintain the freshness of the food. While traditional freezing equipment often causes the loss of nutrients in fruits and vegetables when freezing them.