Why are frozen food companies flocking to the bureau to prepare vegetables?



From the perspective of the current market scale of prefabricated vegetables and the layout of various brands, the prefabricated vegetable quick-frozen business can indeed bring diversified development and effectively drive performance growth for quick-frozen enterprises.

In addition, frozen food enterprises also have inherent advantages in developing the business of prefabricated dishes.

First of all, it has increasingly complete liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment and a wide range of cold chain systems. Among them, Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezer has an extremely fast freezing speed, which can make the ice crystals in the food small and uniform, minimize the loss of nutrients, and better restore the flavor and taste of the dishes. Moreover, the dry consumption of frozen prefabricated vegetables is small, only 0.6% - 1%, while the dry consumption rate of the general freezing device is as high as 3% - 6%. It can also be applied to various regular packaged prefabricated vegetables, and can be in close contact with all parts of the product. Secondly, prefabricated dishes have accumulated a certain brand awareness in the industry, and there is no need to accumulate traffic from scratch.

However, under the surface of the vigorous situation, there are also many problems.

Currently, the entire prefabricated vegetable market is still in a relatively primitive stage, and there has not yet been an overwhelming unicorn enterprise in the industry. The industry's leading effect has not yet been formed, and the entire market still presents a regional and highly fragmented state.

Moreover, the cross-border entry of a number of catering enterprises and fresh food e-commerce giants has also intensified the involvement of the prefabricated vegetable industry.