Refrigeration Method of Seafood Quick Freezer



Maintaining freshness and hygiene of seafood in a seafood freezer before cooking is an important key to savoring sweet seafood. The methods of transportation, preservation, freezing, and even deicing, bleeding, and slaughter can affect the taste of seafood. If not used correctly, it can be harmful to health.

1. Due to the low content of chlorine in tap water, it is easy to lose flavor, and seafood washed with tap water can easily turn black when put into a freezer. Therefore, it is recommended to wash seafood with salt water, and the time of contact with water should not be too long.

2. When thawing, if it can be placed at a low temperature on the upper layer of the refrigerator and allowed to slowly deice, it can greatly assist in preserving the taste and flavor of seafood. Too quickly deicing can lead to poor meat quality and affected taste.

3. Whether buying fish or other marine products, if you are not planning to buy live animals to go home and handle them yourself, you should wrap them in ice cubes or cold insulation bags, and maintain their freshness at a low temperature of - 4 ℃ to 2 ℃.

4. Before cooking in the pot, it is necessary to wash the seafood thoroughly to prevent the residues of filth, blood, and water. This can remove some fishy smell and is more hygienic.

5. Even if seafood is stored in a freezer, there is a shelf life. It is best to consume it within one week. If it is stored for too long, the taste will naturally deteriorate.