Common Faults and Troubleshooting of Quick Freezer



1. Refrigerant leakage: Refrigerant leakage can directly cause the quick freezer to fail to cool, requiring leak detection and repair.

2. Low pressure: Most of them are caused by refrigerant leakage from quick freezers, requiring leak detection and repair.

3. High pressure: If it is an air-cooled quick-freezer, it is necessary to check the ventilation condition of the space where the quick-freezer is placed. If the space is small and the ventilation is not good, it can easily cause a high pressure alarm. In addition, it can also be caused by excessive compressor exhaust pressure. It is necessary to relieve the pressure and open the relief valve to release some air. The simplest way to avoid high pressure alarms is to add refrigerant such as R15 to the quick freezer.

4. Compressor does not work: First, check whether the water pump of the quick freezer is good or bad. If the water pump is good, check whether the water tank of the quick freezer can replenish water, and then check the current.